Most specialized Military Challenge Coins are those that are specially designed for a specific event or for a special group of people. There are several people who know the importance of all these coins and also that the number of coins with an officer show his bravery. The coins that serve as a secret identity pass are kept hidden and not shown to anyone how ever the coins that are given to the soldiers for their act of bravery for their country are specially minted and are not of the usual light material.

The special military challenge coins are made up of very expensive metals which include:

i)                    Gold

ii)                  Silver

iii)                Platinum

iv)                12-21 carat Gold

v)                  Gold plated brass

And several other metals which include brass, nickel, copper nickel, aluminum, etc are very low quality materials which are usually used for money coins however they cannot be used for the special coins that are given as gifts to other officers on account of bravery or any other commendable act.

When the special Military Challenge Coins are compared to other coins, they lead from the special coins because of their style, colors and material. It is very important for each battalion to have a special prayer written on each coin. This special prayer is a way of boosting the morale of the officer at all such times when he feels he is alone and helpless, he remembers the times that were worse on him; when he was starved, hurt and had other issues but had stayed put and survived even in the worst of weathers. All such coins are a part of the life of a military officer no matter what branch of force he belongs to.